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  • BBC Good Food Show

    BBC Good Food Show

    On the 18th of October on the van to Glasgow with my bakery manager John not knowing what to expect.

    Well it could not have gone any better! We were away to Glasgow too the BBC Good Food Show 2012 to introduce our new range of products and the new branded Company to the world. I can honestly say the feedback we got on not just the new branding but the product itself was more than we could have dreamed of. The comments on the quality were amazing and everyone wanted to buy the product. But we had a snag John and I decided weeks before that we never had done such an event before so we would only sample at the show. Big mistake as we could have sold hundreds of boxes not joking it was unbelievable.

    We spent three days saying you can taste but not buy! Not one of my better business decisions. But it was mission completed alot of happy faces trying a new product and loving “The Kindness Bakery”.

    On the way home from Glasgow in silence looking out the window in disbelieve on how things went, struggling to comprehend on what we witnessed and trying to take in all the great comments we received but smiling knowing that The Kindness Bakery makes products that we know that everyone will enjoy.

    To everyone who came to my stand and gave great reviews on my new range from the bottom of my heart THANKYOU!